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please follow these rules:

1. respect all staff no matter what, if staff disrespect, screen shot and report to other staff or me.

2. no spamming/advertising the forth warning will be a permanent ban

3. no caps lock too much 5th warn will be a perm ban (still being thought about)

4. no trolling do not trick anyone or play pranks (unless nice one with friends)

5. respect all players even if they are not staff, respect all

6. use common sense, this is a friendly wiki, not a "aw poor me i got an f on my quiz so im gonna spam" this will not be tolerated

7. no cursing if you break this rule, the 3rd warn will be a perm ban (jacobdiamond10 *me* hates cursing)

8. have fun, dont put yourself down all the time and enjoy yourself ;)

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